How to still enjoy the good things in life while starting a business

IMG_7717 (2)
The Big Beach Share Plate at The Back Beach Cafe and Restaurant was only $35

It’s easy to be a martyr and put yourself through pain and suffering when starting a business but it doesn’t have to be that way. Life is too short for outdated thinking.

Both Andy and I like good food and wine (it doesn’t have to be expensive wine, just good) and we weren’t going to give that up just because we’d quit our day jobs to bootstrap our own advertising business.

Read this book!

Over Christmas, Andy and I devoured Scott Pape’s book, The Barefoot Investor and literally it shook us out of our small minded thinking about money. I’m not going to go into the details as you can read the book for yourself, suffice to say we instantly cut up our credit cards and set up a new banking regime.

We also created a new bank account called ‘splurge’ as suggested by Scott and we transfer 10% of every invoice we get paid for into that account. It’s literally our ‘splurge’, treat ourselves account. Once a month we go out for a meal, coffee etc without feeling like we’ve had to ransack Peter to take Paul to dinner, and then feel all guilty about it. We haven’t gone into debt; we actually saved up for it, the old fashioned way.

So we take our laptops and travel the region working from various cafes / restaurants all the while enjoying good food and a glass of wine – guilt free and debt free.

Even through Outside Creative is still very much in an early growth phase and we have to watch every dollar, we can still allow ourselves the simple pleasures that makes being an entrepreneur all the worthwhile, freedom.

You can do the same.

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