Radio Copywriting


The human mind pays attention when it experiences delight, humour, a challenge, a promise, a problem or touching emotions.

In radio, when a listener pays attention to a commercial, your client is more likely to sell their product or service. If your client succeeds in selling, they’re more likely to become repeat business or increase their spend, helping you meet your budget.

See, it’s a win, win.

How is Outside Creative different?

  • We choose to work in a non-traditional office environment, i.e. the beach, a winery or from our rural property. This helps ideas flow freely and leads to more attention grabbing copy.
  • Outside Creative has a deep understanding of what gets a listener’s attention and how to keep it. Every script we write, from the simple and hard working, to creative or off the wall copy, is crafted to sell, to succeed.
  • The high quality of our writing can help improve the overall sound of your radio station.
  • Having worked in the radio industry for many years we’re also aware of the challenges faced by Account Managers and are happy to help with any problem solving or idea generation. It only takes a phone call, and we don’t charge to chat.
  • We work on a 24-hour script turnaround (unless otherwise notified), but if you need something urgently just give us a call.

If your station needs a regular, high quality Copywriting service, or short term backfill for annual leave or busy periods, the answer’s simple.

Go Outside!

Contact us today for costing information and how to get started. 

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