Andy’s Voice Overs

Andy Macleod – Voice Over Artist



Name: Andy Macleod

Sex:       Male

Style:    Natural and Authentic.

Bright retail to intimate and smoky



Andy has the much sought after authentic natural style of read that’s preferred by most writers and producers.  Ranging from intimate and smoky to personal and conversational, Andy can also bring an authenticity to bright retail reads.

As well as a voice actor, Andy is an award winning radio copywriter, so he’s able to interpret each script and find the subtle nuances and expressions.

Andy has been voicing commercials for TV and Radio for 5 and half years and is renowned for being very responsive to direction.

To book Andy please use the contact details below.

Contact Details.

Andy Macleod

Phone: 0439 979 277


Andy is represented by The Voice Market Click on ‘AndyMc’