White Elephant Beach Cafe: A working review


One of my favourite places to go for a bite to eat and look longingly at the blue waters of the Indian Ocean is the White Elephant Beach Cafe at Gnarabup, near Prevelly. While most of the seating is outside under umbrellas, the owners had built an inside space with couches, tables and fireplace so that during winter, dinners could enjoy a wild coastal experience and still stay warm and dry. It was this space that I had my eyes on because it was out of the glare of the sun so I could see the laptop screen.

Andy and I were on our way back from a couple of days staying with friends and working remotely from Flinders near Augusta and thought we’d put the White Elephant Beach Cafe to the ‘working test’ on the way home.

It’s was a perfect autumn day, with a cloudless sky and an azure blue ocean. The place was busy but thankfully the inside space was empty, leaving a massive wooden table all to ourselves so we had plenty of room to spread out our devices and still have space for a meal. We had brilliant views of the diners outside and of course the ocean.


While the cafe played a collection of blues and roots tracks, we slaved the laptops to our tablets for 4G connection and proceeded to write some commercials and work on our books.

IMG_7831 (2)

We ordered lunch,  which was fresh and tasty and priced in the high teens and early twenties. Andy had the Vietnamese Chicken Salad and I had the Pumpkin Brushetta. The coffee was pretty good too. See the full menu here: 



I was told that on wet days, the room was usually packed and I’m sure it would be hard to get the big table we were working at and I could imagine it would also be quite noisy as the floor and walls were concrete. But we’ll return on a wild winter’s day and see what it’s like.

IMG_7836 (2)

So all up we loved working for an hour or so from The White Elephant Beach Cafe, perfect combination of views, atmosphere, music, big tables to spread out on and food. Highly recommend it.

Tables: Get one of the two large timber benches.

Noise: Quiet inside during summer, but could be noisy in winter.

Food: Simple, tasty and fresh. Mid priced. see menu



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